About Us

“Pukka Carpin Rags” was founded in the 1990’s. At this time there was no carp fishing clothing on the market other that the odd company offering a garment to promote their product, usually in a horrible bright colour! The cool carper would wear surf garments or any drab colours from the army store. The Rags was born to fill this market, just for me and my local mate. Just for fun and that’s the way we remain today!

Now however the “Rags” is wanted by others around the country, fuelled by some great anglers wearing our tops, wearing them in pictures with history fish whilst “Keepin it real”. You will see the rags in books and footage from a great time in our fishing history, connected to Rob Maylin! Terry Hearn! Jim Shelley! Chilly! Yateley Carpark & North! Twotone! Burfield common! Many Yateley hippo’s! Too many to list but we have some great history featuring in many of the real pukka history books. A picture here, a picture there, it’s all lead to the Rags needing a website, who’d have thought ey? Still just for fun, do not make the mistake of thinking we are just another company out to make money! I do this for fun and because I love our sport and it’s history and I just hope the Rags along with a small band of other like-minded companies can hang on to a small amount of our heritage. So yes if you’re not an angler that’s into all the above and not into all the history…well we don’t want your business, you’re on the wrong website fella! Best do one and find some other garments elsewhere. If your still here, pukka and we welcome you to our website. If you know us from FaceBook then you know it will be fun! Info, fun, banter, product, all for you proper anglers, take a look. Rags Rob